Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Let me Feel The Pain(╥_╥)

The blanket of night has fallen upon me
In an odd strange bizarre colour
And the dark covers the whole
Where I beg like a poor

Let me feel the pain
So I know that I am alive
That feeling is the one that I need
Since I know that I am numb inside

Let me walk thousands miles
Don’t force me to even stop
Let me bleed from the journey
So I will know the color inside me

I know I will cry aloud
And you’ll see the tears drop
but don’t force me to stop it
 ‘Cos that is the hatred that I release

Once we’ve talked about life
And you covered it with the sweetest honey
Once we’ve talked about victory
And you wrapped it inside the softest blanket

Maybe I was a stupid one
Trapped inside a stone palace
Where the pictures of summer
Glued at every window

But I was not a fool
‘Cos I could see from the key hole
Where the chilly breeze of winter
Gave the toughest lesson outside

Let me bleed, let me feel the pain
‘Cos I don’t want to live inside a dream
Without feeling the obstacle and struggle
That give the meaning of this waiting

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