Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Try to Understand Me (╯︵╰,)

Since first I know you
You're so good to me and,
You're so understanding with me and
You will also know my nature

I always wanted to be near you
Accompanying me if lonely
Fill my days are empty with love
But it's just a dream course

I wish you were always there beside me
And will never leave me
But you have to go far from me and,
Just my hopes and dreams,
It makes my heart hurt more

How valuable you are to me
And I couldn't have lost you
Perhaps only with this poem
I raised a sense of what I have for you

Try to understand my feelings
Who loves you sincerely for this and
With all my soul.

Understand me always.....
To forever :) :* :'(

Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Your Smile Is Always Remind Me (•ˆ⌣ˆ​​​​•)

Time will never disappear
If you have a smile
Which made me remember of you

Your smile reminds me when in the evening
Only one phrase that I have
And I do remind you to love me

Time ...
Day ....
My travel seasons like dew
That came out was a vacillating heart

I can't ever blame your love
I can't ever blame yourself
Because you came in when I need you
And you go on when I expect you

Maybe it's all gone
I can only let you go
And remember the good memories when I'm with you

When I imagine your face
When I remember your smile
I will always remember you when we come through

If one day, I miss you..
I beg you present in my arms
I hope you can be present at my side forever

When you smile ..
I saw your love is endless
Until my last breath
Always remember the words you said dear

I'm sorry :(
If I ever hurt you..
I'll let you go now,
Although it all, hurt me :'(

My heart (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) and Feelings(˘⌣˘)


Apakah ada hati pada diriku?
Apakah ada perasaan pada diriku?
Mengapa ada hati pada diriku?
Mengapa ada perasaan pada diriku?
Atau mungkin hati tidak ada pada diriku?
Atau mungkin perasaan tidak ada pada diriku?
Bukankah semua manusia punya hati dan perasaan?
Apakah antara hati dan perasaan itu sama?

Hati dan perasaan..
Aku ingin bertanya padamu ..

Apakah bila aku sedih, kamu mendapatkan kesusahan?
Apakah bila aku gembira, kamu mendapatkan kesenangan?
Bila aku suka sesuatu kamu merasakan?
Jikalau aku tidak suka sesuatu apakah kamu merasakan juga?
Jika aku mengucapkan sesuatu apa kamu juga mengatakannya?
Apakah kamu punya persamaan?
Apakah kamu juga punya perbedaan?

Hati dan perasaan..
Jika kamu ada
Berilah aku jawabanmu
Agar aku bisa menjagamu selalu dengan baik
Agar hati dan perasaanku tidak merusakkan diriku :))

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Let me Feel The Pain(╥_╥)

The blanket of night has fallen upon me
In an odd strange bizarre colour
And the dark covers the whole
Where I beg like a poor

Let me feel the pain
So I know that I am alive
That feeling is the one that I need
Since I know that I am numb inside

Let me walk thousands miles
Don’t force me to even stop
Let me bleed from the journey
So I will know the color inside me

I know I will cry aloud
And you’ll see the tears drop
but don’t force me to stop it
 ‘Cos that is the hatred that I release

Once we’ve talked about life
And you covered it with the sweetest honey
Once we’ve talked about victory
And you wrapped it inside the softest blanket

Maybe I was a stupid one
Trapped inside a stone palace
Where the pictures of summer
Glued at every window

But I was not a fool
‘Cos I could see from the key hole
Where the chilly breeze of winter
Gave the toughest lesson outside

Let me bleed, let me feel the pain
‘Cos I don’t want to live inside a dream
Without feeling the obstacle and struggle
That give the meaning of this waiting